Apocalypse. The day is coming…


Apocalypse. The day is coming…
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Most of doomsday prophecies are referred to different theories of Mayans calendar, the oldest texts of I-Ching or Nostradamus prediction. We are unveiling you our version of post-apocalyptic era.

This BlackBerry® theme is a reminder being referred to you live everyday, value every moment, feel your life in every breath...

What would you presumably do if you had a last chance...

Succeed the further releases and updates and future layouts of more beautiful and uniquely designed themes.

If you want to have YOUR lovely theme generated, please, contact us via e-mail.


Required Device Software: 6.0.

Supported devices: BlackBerry 9100, 9105, 9300, 9650, 9670, 9700, 9780, 9800.

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