NiceCalc3 1.0
for Symbian UI S60 3.0, UI S60 3.1, UI S60 3.2  
390 KiB (July 22, 2009)

NiceCalc3 1.0
for Symbian UIQ 3.1, UIQ 3.0  
401 KiB (July 22, 2009)

User's Manual in English
436 KiB

User's Manual in Russian
546 KiB


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for $4.95

NiceCalc3 - simple yet powerful calculator for Symbian OS. High computation precision, operations precedence support, customizable buttons and even more handy features included.

Specially designed interface let you make any computations few times faster than similar third party applications. Try out NiceCalc3 for advanced calculation experience.



  • scientific and engineering calculations;
  • simple and scientific mode switch;
  • scientiic mode with operations precedence support;
  • arbitrary-precision arithmetic;
  • fast and easy input interface;
  • 3 angle modes for computing;
  • 4 numeric systems support;
  • «simplified» form for binary operations;
  • automatic rounding;
  • clipboard;
  • customizable buttons.


NiceCalc3 interface allows you to get used to compute all kind of math very quickly. Joystick used for basic operations input greatly saves time and helps you to understand the calculation process in details.

Almost all hardware buttons have two assigned labels. First label is for number input and the second one for operations. To switch between labels just press "Fn" button. Function mode is automatically switched off after the operation was entered.

To calculate an expression first input the argument then function. Please pay attention to functions precedence in scientific mode.


  • Transfer the downloaded "NiceCalc3.sis" file to your mobile handheld;
  • Open a folder where it was stored. ("Inbox", by default);
  • Start and complete installation dialog;
  • Start the application.

User Guides

Download NiceCalc3 User's Manual: English (pdf: 437 kb), Russian (pdf: 547 kb) language.


NiceCalc3 interface supports next languages: English, Russian.

Trial period & Free version

Trial period is limited to 7 days with no additional restrictions. In addition, you can try free version of NiceCalc3 before buying full version.

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