WebCamGhost 1.4
for Windows 7 x64, XP (i32), 8 x64, 7 i32, 8 i32, XP (x64)  
890 KiB (May 2, 2012)


using share*it 
for $29.95

WebCamGhost is a business to business (B2B) level application designed for hardware and/or software vendors, video streaming site owners and other Customers who need to integrate sharing video source functionality into their products, solutions, bundles and environments.

It is known that in Windows™ environment, end user can not use stream from web camera more than in one application. If Customer product requires an ability to capture video source more than once (share video source between 2 or more applications), WebCamGhost is the best choice.


WebCamGhost Features

  • works as Windows service, invisible for End User. It is ideal solution for integration into 3rd party applications that require video source splitting function;
  • multiple source devices splitted simultaneously;
  • wide set of source devices supported: web cameras, TV-tuners, capture cards, DV-cameras;
  • “on the fly” self-tuning for client application requirements (resolution, quality, fps etc);
  • powerful command-line interface;
  • provided with .cmd install scripts, which can be customized and used for simple integration into your deployment environment/cycle;
  • OEM registration key on multiple installations is provided;
  • detailed User Guide;
  • priority support.

WebCamGhost is compatible with all applications that properly support capture of standard Windows video devices.

Pricing and licensing models

  1. OEM - for hardware and software manufacturers and vendors who are interested to distribute WebCamGhost in a single package with their own solutions. Minimal number of installations for this licensing scheme is 50;
  2. Standard licensing scheme (same as for WebCamSplitter and WebCamSplitter Pro). WebCamGhost single license - $29.95 (key with connection to PC hardware).

If you are interested in WebCamGhost product and need more information please contact us.

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