Software Development

Every project work includes the following milestones:

Stage 0. Preparation

The project is initially discussed with the customer. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is signed if necessary.

Stage 1. Task analysis and requirements clarification

Customer requirements are analyzed on this stage. Additional information is requested from the customer if necessary. Results of work are:

  • choice and conceptual design of a technical solution necessary to reach the project objective;
  • technical specification on the development (if necessary);
  • project cost estimate, risk assessment;
  • delivery schedule.

Stage 2. Development

This stage includes technical design, development itself, testing and adjustment. Small projects may have just a single development stage. Greater projects and iterative development may require several development stage. For example: proof of concept (PoC), beta version and so on.

Result of this stage (or of every stage) is a working solution that can be accepted by the customer.

Stage 3. Implementation and deployment

If necessary, the Verysoft development team can deploy the developed software to the customer’s office or data center. Consulting service for the customer’s staff can be provided.

Stage 4. Support

The Verysoft team can provide a support service if necessary. We usually offer an application-level support, but a system and network administration service can be provided as well.

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