EVA — Enhanced Video Audio

EVA is a new generation VoIP platform developed by Verysoft to build communication services and transfer video, audio, text or multimedia data over IP networks.

From position of an end user of the service, the solution is a mobile application that implements a SIP client functionality. From operator’s point of view, the platform also contains a server part that can be intergrated into the operator’s infrastructure in different ways depending on Customer’s needs.

Example of service built using EVA:

Flexibility is an important advantage of EVA. Both client and server can be provided for different devices: smartphone, TV, tablets, SetTopBox, media players, WiFi routers, laptops, netbooks, desktops, virtual boxes or any other Linux or Android based device. It is also possble to embed the platform components into special operator devices.

Demo product is implemented on EVA: mobile app for Android 4.1 as a client and a server part built on ASUS RT-N16 WiFi router that implements an IP-PBX functionality. The router can be still used for its original purpose. The product is in fact a Small Office/Home telephone network in a box.

EVA exceeds absolute majority of competitors in set of parameters such as: video and auid quality, performance, saving battery, ability to work in different networks and using not very stable channels. One more product, a standalone SIP client built using EVA, is available in Google Play

Verysoft would like to offer a co-operation and partnership to mobile and/or fixed network operators and other organizations to build communication services based on EVA.

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