Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.)

Common questions

Q: If I order the product, will I get original CD?

A:Sorry, but we don't publish our software on CDs.

Q: If I reinstall my computer (Windows), will it be possible to use old registration key again or i need to contact Verysoft support?

A: There is no need to contact Verysoft support. When you need to activate the product, for example after Windows reinstallation, you should use your Activation code.

Q: If I have desktop and laptop computers, will it be possible to use single product license to activate both computers?

A: You have to purchase several licenses in order to use Verysoft products on several computers.

Q: If I change my computer, will it be possible to use old registration key or i need to contact Verysoft support?

A: License on Verysoft product is unlimitted in time and is intended to be used only on one computer. From time to time a hardware needs to be changed, so the EULA allows to change hardware no more than 2 times in a half of the year for FREE. There is no need to contact support, just use your old Activation code on new computer.

Q: Where can I find PAD-files for your software products?

A: You can find them by following next links:

WebCamSplitter: http://very-soft.com/storage/pads/wcs.xml
WebCamSplitter Pro: http://very-soft.com/storage/pads/wcspro.xml
WebVideoStreamer: http://very-soft.com/storage/pads/wvs.xml
AllProxy: http://very-soft.com/storage/pads/allproxy.xml

Questions about Blackberry themes

Q: I ordered your Blackberry theme and during its downloading I have lost the internet connection. Theme was not installed and I can not download it again. What shall I do next?

A: Unfortunately, we don't manage downloading processing. It's an authority of Blackberry Store. Please contact Blackberry Support Team for assistance. You can find contacts on this page: http://us.blackberry.com/support/blackberryappworld.jsp whether it contact forms or direct mail addresses.

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