AR Darts One


AR Darts One
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Play the most exciting darts game in augmented reality (the latest ARKit). Set your virtual dartboard at home or office or in any other place and you immediately can test your darts skills.
In AR DARTS ONE you can experience self in three different exciting game modes.

Game 301 Rules: Decrease points from 301 to zero. Last hit must be in double or in bullseye or in bull.
Game 1000 Rules: Raise 1000 points. You must hit only in bullseye or in bull (games has a rule-busting).
Training: without rules, without restrictions toss the darts from anywhere and anyway.

Put photo of your foe on the dartboard and the game will become even more interesting.

Become the first in the leaderboard or just compete with your friends. Show to friends and to the world your achievements and results in the game, publish them in social networks.


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