WebCamSplitter 1.6.339
for Windows 7 to 10 (i32), XP (x64), 7 to 10 (x64), XP (i32)  
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In Windows you can't use video stream from your webcamera for several applications simultaneously. Even if you video chatting with one of your friends, you can't just start additional video chat with other buddy because your webcamera will be simply blocked.

With WebCamSplitter you can split your webcamera's or other video stream on several video sources. You can also plan multiuser videoconferences.

You can upload images from your device and keep a chat at the same time. Your experience is in your hands.


Changes in v1.6

+ UHD-1 output resolution 3840x2160 (4K resolution)
+ Text overlay more customization parameters (font face name, color, transparency etc.)
+ Text overlay date time substitution support (strftime formatting codes %d, %m etc.)
+ Language selection

* VMR9 replaced legacy renderer in Output Settings
* Media subtype selection by higher fps values (MJPG is faster on Logitech С920/С930e/BCC950)
* Text overlay blending options
* Frame drops counter

- Fix unable to capture error with AVerMedia HD Capture C985 Bus 5
- Fix text font facename changes in virtual camera output
- Application startup problem on some x64 systems (Wrong virtual device version)
- Silent mode activation application self restart in loop problem
- Fix main menu manual broken link
- Fix unable to capture error with Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920
- Fix application startup problem on Windows XP x86 (Wow64RevertWow64FsRedirection)


  • Digital Zoom and Pan control;
  • Output video stream preview;
  • User-friendly interface and detailed help;
  • Text annotations directly in video stream;
  • Desktop as a video source;
  • Input/output resolution customization;
  • Snapshots from the video source in JPEG format;
  • Multimedia files (MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, etc.) as a video source;
  • Color Correction control (color shift, contrast & brightness leveling);
  • Audio stream within multimedia files or DV-camera microphone via virtual audio device;
  • Wide support of video devices like Web-cameras, TV-tuners, capture cards, DV-cameras as a video source.

Specific differences between Standard and Pro versions of WebCamSplitter

WebCamSplitter Pro version has the following additional specific features that are not present in common WebCamSplitter version:

  • Main difference: splitting up to 4 real devices on same computer (simultaneously running several application instances);
  • Command-line interface to control WebCamSplitter Pro instance source selection from other applications;
  • Picture in Picture (PiP) via setup additional virtual camera;
  • Live network multimedia stream using a RTMP server as a source;
  • Screen source monitor selection.

Basic WebCamSplitter output resolutions

  • 320×240 (4:3, default);
  • 352×288 (11:9);
  • 640×480 (4:3);
  • 864×480 (18:10);
  • 800×600 (4:3);
  • 1280×720 (16:9);

Advanced resolutions can be enabled using output resolution customization feature. Some of them:

  • 720х400 (18:10);
  • 720х480 (3:2);
  • 720x576 (5:4);
  • 1920х1080 (16:9).

System requirements

  • Operating system: OS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 x86, OS Windows XP/Vista/7 x64;
  • Additional requirements: DirectX 8.0 or higher runtime;
  • Appropriate video and audio decoders for multimedia file source;

Video capture device basic requirements:

  • DirectX-compatible;
  • RGB24 or IYUV color model support.


  1. Download the installation package;
  2. Execute it;
  3. During installation of the 'Verysoft WebCamSplitter, WDM Streaming Driver' virtual driver you'll see Microsoft Certification program warning dialog. 'Continue Anyway' to install the WebCamSplitter.


This product is distributed under "shareware" (try-before-buy) license. Trial mode is limited to 15 days. After it expires, please, register to continue using the WebCamSplitter.

Please, refer to the information about Registration and keys update activities.

Trial mode limitations

In the unregistered version the image will be grayscaled sometimes and "Unregistered" text will come up.


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